Today By Tomorrow

Four white rectangles containing an orange dot pointing to a blue dot arranged from top left to bottom right followed by a white square containing a green dot with a tick. In the top right is big white text reading 4 days procrastinated on a green background.

For my first summer project post-graduation I wanted to build something simple that would help me become more organised. I’m a serial procrastinator of small tasks so I created a todo app that lets you put off tasks to tomorrow but tracks how many days you procrastinate them.

It has a progress bar at the top inspired by @cassidoo’s todometer. The goal is to complete this bar each day by either completing tasks or actively pushing them to tomorrow. Gone are the days of passively ignoring tasks on my todo list. At midnight each night the tomorrow list is added back to the today list and the procrastination counters on remaining tasks are incremented.

All data is stored locally in your browser to maximise privacy and keep running costs minimal. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Let me know if this works for you!